How to Enable Redis Object Cache in WordPress?

In this article, we will show how to Enable Redis object caching for a WordPress website hosted on SiteCountry Cloud Hosting using the LiteSpeed cache plugin.

Pre-requisite: LiteSpeed Cache plugin must be installed on your WordPress website. If you don't have this Plugin you can Install it from the Plugins section

Steps to Enable Redis Object Cache in WordPress

1) Log in to SiteCountry Control Panel

2) Click on Select PHP Version

3) Select the Latest PHP Version e.g 8.2 and Click on Apply

4) Then Scroll down and select the Redis extension

5) Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard

6) Go to LiteSpeed Cache ->  Cache -> Object Tab

7) Modify Object Cache Settings as below

Object Cache: ON
Method: Redis
Host: localhost
Port: 6379
Redis Database ID: enter a unique number for each and every website

Leave everything else to Default and click the Save Changes button to activate Redis Object Cache.

You should see Connection Test: Passed as below if the Redis Object Cache is successfully enabled for your WordPress website.

That's all. You have Enabled Redis Object cache for your WordPress website hosted on SiteCountry Cloud hosting.

If you need any help with Setup Redis Object Cache for your Website then please feel free to contact our customer support team.