Configuring SMTP for the Fluent SMTP Plugin

In this article, we will cover How to Configure SMTP for the Fluent STMP Plugin on a WordPress Website hosted on SiteCountry

1) Login to the WordPress Admin Panel

2) Click on Plugins >> Add New

3) Type Fluent SMTP in Search plugins

4) Install the Fluent SMTP plugin by Clicking on the Install Now button

5) Go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins & Click on Settings corresponding to Fluent SMTP

6) Click on the Skip button

7) Choose the Other SMTP as an email provider

8) Modify Other SMTP Settings as below and Click on Save Connection Settings

From Email:
From Name: Website Name
SMTP Host:
SMTP Port: 587
Encryption: TLS
Use Auto TLS: ON
Authentication: ON
SMTP Username:
SMTP Password: password of your email account

9) Navigate to the Email Test tab and Click on the Send Test Email button to Test the SMTP configuration

10) If SMTP configuration is done correctly then you should get a message as in the below Screenshot

That's all you're done.

If you need any help with Configuring SMTP for the Fluent SMTP Plugin, please feel free to contact our customer support team.